Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Andrew Bolt, he haz drunk kool aids?

Kool aid kitteh spikes kool aid with teh crazy juice:

Andrew Bolt laps up teh crazy juice:

Which after a short time takez effeckt:

Which leads to publicashun of column:

And then to crashing out:

While the Andrew Bolt blog forum goes crazy for conspirasy theoreh:

"One thing is certain. The email existed. Fake or otherwise Rudd said it “does not exist” He was WRONG. Turnbull, saw it obviously and rightly or wrongly believed its contents enough to attack the Govt. How was he supposed to check it’s veracity? Ask Treasury? What would they have said? Rudd pronounced it “Fake, False, Fraudulent” before he even saw it, how did he know that? Smelly."

"The “fake” email email was a baited hook to find the leak in Treasury. As bait it used a tit-bit of information to tempting to let pass. So Rudd’s Raiders reeled in Grech and Turnbull in one strike. Almost a fishing record."

"Nothing really makes sense in this whole affair, except when viewed through the prism of Andrew’s theory. The behavior of both parties is entirely consistent with a Labor Party sting on a leaking federal government public servant with Liberal Party leanings. This little melodrama has a little way to run yet, I think.
This could be the existential crisis I have been predicting for Kevin Rudd, that will see him leave politics in disgrace. "

"Your theory makes sense to me Andrew. Another piece of possible supporting evidence was the photographing with Rudd’s camera of Dr Charlton speaking with Turnbull at the ball.
However, if an IT administrator was part of the sting, it can probably never be proved. "

"Very plausable and even likely. Very suspicious of MSM who are very close to and sympathetic to ALP. [Joined at hip] After short period they collectively buried obstruction to witness at the SSC by Labour senators and David Martine, the Grech testimony, the phone call, the string of emails implicating Swan, and failed to report anomaly that Feds found email at treasury on first day that Martine testified internal investigation could not find, or that Feds media release highly unusual. Right on cue, three opinion poles devastating Tunbull opposition after previous two had primary vote close to one point. "

"If I was a betting man I would say Grech is telling the truth.Hockey seems like a straight shooter and his concern for Grech’s wellbeing seemed genuine,sort of personal.When Turnbull first bought the issue up in question time both rudd and swan went to jelly.If anyone can pin down that footage you’ll see what I mean.rudd had guilt written all over him. Just wether it was about the email or the ute factor is another thing. "

"My theory right from the start, was that Rudd planted the Email. That’s why he was so sure it was a fake! Rudd is devious and cunning enough and he has the resources and the help to think up such a scam. Actually, its hard to think that Rudd has any real “mates” that would take a bullet for him in any respect. I just can’t see how anyone could like him so much that they would protect him to the ends of the earth (except Laurie Oakes), so I imagine someone will let the cat out of the bag soon enough. Promblem is that the dumb electrote and complicate media will lap it up as a master stroke by the Ruddidiot. Turnbul should have focused his effort on the (lame) duck first.....one goose at a time, so to speak. "

Disclaimer: All quotes from the forum are real. You couldn't make this shit up. Andrew Bolt is not, however, actually a St Bernard. As far as we know. This website does not endorse drinking the Kool Aid.

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