Friday, July 10, 2009

96% of KITTEHS vote yes to global warmings

We all know that warm is made for KITTEHS. So the kittehs, they are not happy that their glorious leader, the mitey KRudd, has signed an historic something that will make teh global warmings COLDER!

The KITTEH reacshuns to the emissions cuts have not been positive:



  1. Hilarious! Love that last photo.

  2. Kittehs in Darwin warns kittehs in Canbra: us kittehs with long fur coats cannot take offs fur coats on v warm days. V warm all year round here. Canbra soon has warmingz like Darwin if emishuns not lowered! Kittehs unite and lobby KRudd and PWong for more R&D munnees for low carbon heatings and coolings.