Friday, August 14, 2009

Abbott kids - 100% proof. No, wait. 100% DRUG proof. My bad.

Tony Abbott has been having serious talks with his daughters about teh perils of teh evil drugs. Apparently, you can drug-proof your children. It's like spraying your couch with scotch-guard, or something. But without the spray. Or the guarantee. Anyway, here's Tony having teh serious talk.

The three Abbott kids' reactions varied:

Later that night:


  1. That would definitely be what Tony Abbott was playing. Can I just add, scary!!

  2. there's also one called Holy Lands.

    because we all know that fantasy and magic are evil and work of the devil.

  3. That doesn't look like a "daughter." ;)

  4. I did some research on role-playing through Google Images (unrestricted of course so I can fully covet an issue...lulz) and I have to say I wouldn't think Abbott would encourage his children to take it up before their wedding let alone their 21st birthday party! Funny site btw, great concept.