Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Costello quits - by-election for Higgins

In breaking news, Costello is finally quitting teh parliament:

Rumour also has it that Sloppy Joe is about to make a move for the leadership. We here at lolpolz think there is a flaw in that theory:


  1. Ohh that first one is priceless, a smirk befitting the man himself 8-)

  2. bE FAIR Joe claims 2 have walked kOkOdA, on koko pops, apparently.
    Interests me that his dad was a 17yo living in Palestine when Joe conceived. Or sumthing like that - look it up - there's at least 1 massive conf x interest there you'd think.
    He is genial as buggery tho' cept when he fogets & gets quite cross wit those naughty labor boys n girls n gurlz specially the gurrlz jg, ke etc etc. ie anyone who's ever worn anything other than a nice skirt.