Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And the winner is... Labor

The Liberal Party has a new leadership team: Tony Abbott (unelectable):

and Julie Bishop (incompetent):

Losers were Sloppy Joe:

Malcolm Turnbull:

And the environment:

Winners include KRudd:


  1. Very clever! But I do hope you went to the trouble of chocolate coating the word "unelectable" as you might just have to eat it!

  2. In your dreams. The polls are showing Labor could pick up an extra 20+ seats in the election next year, no woman in Australia is ever going to vote for Abbott, and after presiding over a defeat like that Abbott hasn't a snowflake's chance of contesting a second federal election. Not to mention what the polls about preferred opposition leader said. He only had 19% support across the board - and that was before he had the chance to screw anything up. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601081&sid=avsDj5ulU6DY

  3. Abbott electable?? ROFLMAO!!! Can we has duble dissolushun, please?

  4. Despite KRudd in the final lol of this post, I acshually think duble dissolushun is unlikely. But wouldn't it be FUN.

  5. I think Anon has a reasonable point though - people said for many years that Howard was 'unelectable' too.

    Never underestimate the appeal of a shameless right-wing populist with uninformed swing voters in marginal seats - especially when said populist throws a big bunch of welfare cheques at them.

  6. Great stuff :) and agreed the mad monk is unelectable. Nasty bloke, I'm not the only one who remembers him smirking away in Parliament as he made fun of Senator Nick Sherry for having depression and attempting suicide. Plus he's still committed to Howard's Way. After 2+ years gathering dust, Workchoices will taste even more disgusting...