Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tony Abbott keeps up the good work on wooing the Lady Vote

So, Tony Abbott kept up his stalking relentless manly wooing of the Lady Vote today, discussing the details of the maternity parental leave scheme. It was revealed today that if men want to take maternity parental leave, then they won't get paid at their own pay rate, but at their wife's. Sorry, we have to be politically correct slutty unmarried mothers female partner's pay rate. Because raising children, that's not for teh menz!

1 comment:

  1. oh dear Beagster - remember that your last litter of puppies was sold to strangers from the pet shop? We know from The Abbott's history that his true plan for human babies is very similar - to adopt them out to the ABC sound-crew. He would not be a Polzy leader IF he had ever spent 5 minutes looking after his own 3 kids, paid or not, but he claims that Squirrel is no good for PM because she doesn't have any to abandon. woof.