Monday, August 16, 2010

Ring Tone: A phone call from sea

Tony's latest policy has been dubbed the "boat phone". Basically, if there's a boat spotted on the horizon, if Tones is PM the special boat phone will ring and he'll personally decide whether to torpedo it.

That's leadership for you.


  1. another brilliant post Rebekka.
    I made a comment about Abbott reminding me of Savonarola, but it went peculiar when I previewed it to check the link.
    Savvy was a monk who:
    "In 1497, he and his followers went to the Piazza della Signoria, and began to burn mirrors, cosmetics, obscene pictures, pagan books, gaming tables, musical instruments, fine dresses, women’s hats, and the works of immoral and ancient poets. They also burnt paintings by some famous artists, such as Sandro Botticelli and Michelangelo. This event is now called the "Bonfire of the Vanities".
    and I think Abbott, PM would turn really evil on us.

  2. @Ann Odyne, Abbott is B.A. Santamaria with a foreign policy that reaches as far as Naru.

  3. why doz I feels like weeping... How canz this tonee have such a wicked idea...

  4. Can't help thinking you felt obligated to make this post without having the time to develop it. Can understand why. To think 50% or so of Australians will endorse this guy.

  5. when I was young, Foreign Policy was The White Australia Policy, and it was LABOR doin it.
    If Abbott knew any political history he would not want to look like Arthur Calwell. somebody should tell him.
    All those years he was celibate in the seminary being a Friar Tuck, he must have skipped over "Suffer the little children, to come unto me".
    somebody should tell him about that too.
    somebody to tell him to rack off acshully. 21st August is big opportunity for whole country to do it (then we can just get Julia to change her mind. wiminz duz that).

    what's the mobile coverage like up there in the far north WEST where the boats come in?
    Ring Tones refugee alertz might not get a signal anyhow.

  6. Hi Rebekka,

    Just posted my reply to 'Tony Abbott Is Hostile To Women'' on the thread at LP.

    Thought I'd leave a note here in case you didn't see the post at LP



  7. Ugh, that anti-Obama Google ad to the right as I read the post is absolute slime. Why do they put a thing like that on a nominally (ha, ha, get it, Lolpolz, noms?) lefty site? Are their spiderbots getting it Rong?

  8. Double Ugh! Now it's Sarah for 2012! *Flees*

    (Or should that be *fleas*)

    *Runs away*

  9. where iz de lolpolz?

  10. *sniff* I miss you. Politics was never this much fun before lolpolz. It makes it so much easier to explain to people overseas too. Still, the Libs have kept Tony in a cage for long periods (Gitmo style?) and he has been retrained to an extent, and is not so much fun anymore...

    I realise it's work for you to do, and you may not have time. I not demanding, I just miss lolpolz :). If you insist on retiring, THANK YOU for so many laughs.


  11. où sont les lolz? us frenchy kittehs miss them too. Iz no-one here to mock Tony wiv.

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