Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've been alternating between lying in bed sniffling and coughing and having a fever and furious bursts of activity towards the half-hour presentation I have to do on Tuesday for uni.

Normal transmission should reshume shortly.


  1. Aww! So cute!

    Even KRudd had to take off from campaigning to be sick - iz alowd! Getz well soon :-)

  2. Get well soon, and all power to your elbow!


  3. Milk that cold for all its worth during your presentation - hopefully you'll score at least a credit for turning up and doing the entire session with a drop of phlegm dangling oh-so-precariously from the tip of your nose...

  4. Yep. What Kath said.
    First rule "turn your Threat into an Opportunity"

    Hope you are getting well now.

  5. Ju can haz Lemsipahz..hope you feel better soon ..

  6. You sai:
    "PS the ads below are random google ads and not endorsed by teh lolz, but if you click them we get about 5 cents, which encourages us to make more lolz"
    I sai:
    If iz liberal party ad, did twenty clicks cost them one dollar towards your recovery? hope so

  7. pleez come back! We want you too be well and amuzing uz again, and Pennywong and I are bored with all of the other polzitical common-tary!!

  8. Rebekka... where are you???? we miss you.... t'is quite a while since we've seen your witty and wise words. :(