Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tony on broadband policy: "It's all geek to me"

As anyone who watched the Red Fox quiz Tones on the 7.30 report on broadband knows, Tony Abbott is not a tech head.* He does have a plan for national broadband, although strictly speaking, it's not national, it's not broadband, and it barely meets the definition of a 'plan'.

Here's what he explained to Red Kerry on Tuesday:


*plz imagine this being said a la Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook"
**someone on Larvatus Prodeo used the "12 words per minute" line, but when I went back to try to find it to credit them, I couldn't find it, so whoever it was, you are funny, and I stole teh line.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work dear Rebekka - glad you are out from under the doona.

  2. Perfection. gotta love the red fox! glad your better, and assume the assessment went in ok? do you submit your work in lolpolz, me wonders....

  3. Yes thank you, my presentation went well, and no, I submit my work in elegantly-written English, not in lolz.

    And yes, gotta love the Red Fox (although personally, I might love the Silver Fox just a little bit more).

  4. Full of win.

    Can I haz NBN now plz?